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CamPAIN 2012

The Santorum Surge: The reason given for the sudden surge in the popularity of Rick Santorum in Iowa polls is a head scratcher. He reportedly is the choice of the Hawkeye State's evangelicals. Santorum, a staunch Roman Catholic, is the choice of the born agains? Seriously?

Want to really confuse Rick Perry? Ask him to recite the "12 Days of Christmas".

Famous GOP has-been pundit and noted children's book author wannabe Dick Morris calls Ron Paul a "radical liberal". Out of touch much?

Herman Cain, we hardly knew ye. But don't we ever miss ya! Please come back. You've done nothing that Newt hasn't done.

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The Repugnantcan field:

Front runner and recent Pro-Life convert Mitt Rominee passed a health care law as Governor of Massachusetts that included state funding of abortions.

Pious newly converted Roman Catholic Newt Gingrich dismissed GOP golden boy Paul Ryan's budget plan as "socialism". Where does GingRICH, who has amassed great wealth from "consulting" with government agencies (taxpayer dollars), get this reputation as being intelligent? Newt may just be the single most unlikeable political figure of my lifetime.

Herman Cain's "Nine, Nine, Nine" translates to "Mine, Mine, Mine"

More on Cain: GOP website 2012 Republican Candidates portrays Cain as "the classic dark horse for the 2012 Republican nomination." Seriously?

Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum all claim they are running on orders from God. Bill Maher commented that if this were true,"God is f*cking with two of them."